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Shenzhen Banq Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart LED light bulbs, LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED vapor tight lights, LED floodlights, LED strip lights, L...

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  • Phone: +86 755-27643784
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    No.1 Building, 3rd Industrial Zone, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Banq Technology Co., Ltd. is a progressive lighting manufacturer with a fast expanding business portfolio. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has incubated a handful of business units which has grown into full-fledged independent operating companies with distinctive product strengths. In 2016 Banq Technology Group was founded to coordinate the operations of subsidiary business and establish a brand that people can trust for lighting excellence. In addition to Shenzhen Banq Technology Co., Ltd., Banq's lighting business family includes CL Lighting, Plum Blossom Technology, Liuqin Technology, Legend Technology, Liangan Photoelectricity, and Banq Lighting, etc. The realignment creates a highly targeted portfolio structured around a solution-centric business model.

Banq Technology is well-positioned for further growth building on its robust manufacturing structure that includes fully equipped, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant production facilities spread over 50,000 square meters as well as a fully-staffed team of outstanding lighting professionals dedicated to delivering the best solutions at the most competitive manufacturing cost. From LED packaging and LED power supplies to a wide range of LED luminaires, Banq offer solutions across the lighting value chain. The vertically integrated capabilities ensure seamless transition from design to execution in every project. The synergistic combination of group wide technological innovation and manufacturing resources simplifies the complexities associated with the design and production of cutting edge lighting systems that integrate the latest LED technology with economically sensible manufacturing concepts.

The extensive portfolio of Banq's innovative products including smart light bulbs, LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED vapor tight lights, LED floodlights, LED strip lights, LED high bay lights, LED spotlight bulbs, and LED wraparounds. The manufacturing of each product line in independent business units ensures the highest level of continuous improvement in every aspect of product development and manufacturing process. All Banq's products are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards of performance, reliability and efficiency. Its quality line of energy-efficient lighting products undergoes rigorous third party tests for compliance to UL, TUV, CB, CE, and other certification and qualification programs.
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